Punjabi-American Cultural Association (PACA)

Punjabi-American Cultural Association (PACA)

We have designed this website to provide you with not only the activities of PACA, but also with a background of the Punjabi culture. We hope this website heightens your awareness of Sikhism and the Punjabi culture and provides you with the information you are looking for.                        Watch PACA Intro Video

Punjabi-American Cultural Association (PACA)
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  • Punjabi Classes

    With the blessings of the entire community and the Gurdwara Sahib Management Committee, the Punjabi-American Cultural Association is offering free punjabi classes at the Guru Nanak Sikh Temple, Fairfield!

  • Sikhs in Solano

    In 2003, Barbara Smith of the The Vacaville Reporter ran a four part series examining the culture, faith, history and family structure of the local Sikh community.

  • Pictures/Videos

    View over 1,500 pictures and 5 videos of various events that PACA has organized since 2002.

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